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Price Engineering can provide electrical forensic investigation services for industrial, commercial and residential incidents related to fire, product failure, lightning damage, or power surges.  See link above for details on Philip Price's qualifications.

Our Experience

Price Engineering has over 20 years experience in industrial electronics and power distribution design, startup and installation supervision.  This experience has proven valuable in recognizing abnormal conditions after fire and electrical transient events. 
Price Engineering is has provided forensic investigation services since 2001; covering various industrial, commercial and residential fire and electrical transient events.
Price Engineering has a consistent record of only accepting investigation and reporting service requests that Philip Price's experience qualifies him to accurately perform.  You can be confident that he will not waste your time and money with unqualified work, nor jeopardize your client's case.


How can we help you?

Please call or e-mail us today with your request for electrical forensic investigation services.  Often Philip Price can quickly tell you over the phone or by e-mail whether or not he is qualified and available to meet your specific case needs.


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